Marion’s work is entirely inspired by the North West of Australia. Since 2000 she has hand-carved rocks from the beautiful Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia. These ancient rocks with breathtaking patterns and colours seem, at first sight, unreal. She combines them with Pearls from Broome, Diamonds from the Kimberley and Australian gemstones.

Each piece is unique – they are like small precious sculptures. More though, each pendant is one of a kind,  accentuating the individuality of its wearer, and reflecting the natural beauty of this ancient country.

Marion’s work has won awards and been recognised in numerous exhibitions. Since 2000 she has created hundreds of pieces for clients in Australia and overseas. You can contact Marion for your invitation to one of her private Showings.

A small selection of her work is also available through My Emporium.

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